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Achieve Optimal Health By Correcting Subluxation

For a gentle way to correct your body's problems, turn to Crowe Chiropractic, where we put the patient first and always explain how each service is to your benefit. We believe in personal attention and individual care. Learn about our Grostic Based Techniques and how they can help you improve your nerve flow, relieve your body of dis-ease, and restore health.

X-Ray Of a Patient's Neck Before Receiving Treatment

This is before starting at Crowe Chiropractic. Notice the straight neck. The improper alignment is due to vertebral subluxations, which caused migraine headaches, neck and back pain with numbness, and tingling in the hands.

X-Ray Of a Patient's Neck After One Month of Receiving TreatmentThis is three months after starting at Crowe Chiropractic. Normal curve is restored in the neck, vertebral subluxations are eliminated, health is restored, and pain is gone.

X-Ray Of a Patient's Spine Before Treatment
This is before starting at Crowe Chiropractic. Vertebral subluxations in lumbar spine (lower back) with loss of proper curve and alignment are interfering with nerve function. This caused lower back pain, muscle spasms, numbness in feet, and the inability to stand or walk.

X-Ray of a Patient's Spine After Two Months of Treatment
This is two months after starting at Crowe Chiropractic. The normal lumbar curve is restored, vertebral subluxations are eliminated, and health and function is restored. This patient can be back on the job, healthy, and pain-free!

Upper Cervical Grostic Based Technique

Crowe Chiropractic serves not only Atlanta, Georgia, area patients, but worldwide, with a precise scientific procedure to tell exactly where and when spinal vertebrae need to be adjusted. Crowe Chiropractic uses subluxation-based chiropractic techniques that are Upper Cervical Grostic Based, primarily the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure. It is renowned in the chiropractic community for being a practice that concentrates on the ATLAS, or C1 vertebra, subluxation, which is unique unto itself. Crowe Chiropractic employs specific, gentle techniques that are precise.


The ATLAS supports the skull. This is where the brain stem blends with the spinal cord, the channel through which all information passes between brain and body, and body and brain. A subluxated ATLAS has full-body implications affecting nerve flow between all organs, glands, musculature, and the brain. This leads to pain, illness, dysfunction and other nerve issues.