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Crowe Chiropractic uses a precise scientific procedure to tell exactly where and when spinal vertebrae need to be adjusted.  Known as Upper Cervical Grostic Based, the technique is renowned in the Chiropractic community for these features:

· This is subluxation based chiropractic.

· Subluxation meaning “less than a dislocation’ ….the word for the misalignment.

· We concentrate on the ATLAS (C1 Vertebra) subluxation, which is unique unto itself.

· The ATLAS supports the skull, is where the brain stem blends with the spinal cord, and is the channel through which all information passes between brain & body...body & brain.

· A subluxated ATLAS has full-body implications affecting nerve flow between all organs, glands, musculature and the brain!

· It is very gentle.

· It is accurate and precise.